Unjust Jail Time for Father of Son Shot by Police

On July 4, 2015, Randy Gibson shot Kawanza “KJ” Beaty in the back. See this interview with KJ’s parents for the full story.

After the killing, Melisa and Clyde were strung along by Newport News. For a long time, they were provided with little to no information about the shooting. They were randomly told that it was “under investigation.” It is the same story as every other officer involved/vigilante killing of a Black person, the cover up, get their story straight and a six month plus investigation by the city of the cops from that city. On 2/26/2016, 7 months later, Gibson was found justified in his killing of KJ.  Essentially, it didn’t matter to Newport News, because in their eyes, he was just another Black “boy.” On top of the inconsistencies in this case and the long “investigation” behind closed doors, this was not the first time Gibson shot a Black person and got away with it. He shot another Black person in 2012.  They do not want to share their name because they are dealing with the same thing Clyde is dealing with now, their lives are in danger.

Ever since Melisa and Clyde have been speaking out against Newport News Police department, cops have been harassing them. They have been following Clyde around the city. They have been tracking all of his actions. They know where he works. They randomly “parole” or drive by their house. Between yesterday and today, things got real bad. Today (6/8/16) Newport News Police were about to kill Clyde Dargan, making him the next hashtag and Black person killed by the police.

Yesterday, 6/7/16, Melisa and Clyde called a taxi to pick up their children. When the taxi arrived at their house to drop the children off, Clyde came to the taxi and gave the taxi driver $20. Clyde always keeps a weapon on him, especially for his safety from the police. The taxi driver did not have change so their son stayed in the taxi and went with the driver to get change. The taxi driver came back, dropped the son of and the change. Well, today at 12:30 pm Newport News SWAT came to their house to get Clyde Dargan behind a misdemeanor warrant for brandishing a firearm. SWAT covered several blocks, from 47th street to 49th street. They blocked off Melisa’s mom, she couldn’t even get to the house. They also had the children detained on the neighbors porch. Melisa shares: “the fucked up part is they wouldn’t let me in the house while they did the search through the house.” She cooperated with all of their demands but they still did her wrong. They messed up the whole house. They also had 3 negotiators there. She was not shown the search warrant until after they finished. Melisa said on a Facebook post: “1 bitch said she parked so far away cause she won’t trying to get shot all because yall killed my motherfucking son and yall know we are not gonna let yall get away with it can u say another law suit yall are not gonna take us out for what we believe in this city is so corrupt first my son now my hubby really doe ‪#‎fuck12”

Fortunately, Clyde was not there and as a result, he is still alive. After the SWAT team messed up their house, they also went to Clyde’s and Melisa’s jobs to find him. That shows they were following him because how did they know exactly where he worked? After all of that, Clyde turned himself in at 2:15. He spent several hours in jail. His bond was then set for $35,000! The judge said that they knew Clyde because he was KJ’s son. As a result, they set the bond for a misdemeanor for $35,000!!!!! That is outlandish. I am no legal expert, but I know that response to an alleged harassment from a taxi driver was incredibly overblown unless we consider the context of they killed their son and they are trying to silence them. If the taxi driver feared for their life, why would they be so cooperative? Why didn’t they go directly to or call the cops last night when they drove away? Why the hell would they go get change and bring it back like everything is cool?!?!??!?!

All of these questions plus the fact the whole SWAT team came for an arrest with negotiators shows who the real thugs are in this situation. At no time did they get Clyde’s side of the story. It went from the taxi’s word of mouth to a warrant. That doesn’t even seem legal.

What we need to do now is get the word out so that as many people know what is going on in Newport News. Clyde’s life is in danger. We don’t want Clyde to be added to the number of Blacks killed by police and vigilante. Let everyone in all of your networks know about this story. The one thing Newport News does not want is negative publicity. If we can spread the word, they will be more cautious in their efforts.


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