The Media Strikes and Stereotypes, Again

On February 26, 2016, the family had just found out that the officer who killed their son, Randy Gibson, would not be indicted. We asked that they not record the family during such a devastating time. So we decided to video record them.

There are two primary problems with the news recording this particular moment against the Dargan’s wishes. 1, this was one of the worst times of their life. After the long and arduous process of wondering what was going to happen to Randy Gibson; after dealing with a whole of personal problems that were a result of the police killing; and after being constantly harassed by the Newport News Police Department, the Dargans found out that Randy Gibson will go back on the police force. Newport News told them their Black son did not matter. At this moment, we didn’t want the media to record, nor would anyone. Just imagine going through one of the worst times in your life and then someone shows up with a camera to record it, smdh…

The other MAJOR reason why this was a problem is because they are now using that very same footage to make Clyde look like an angry Black man and confirm the few details they have about the story they reported.

When we first put out the video above, some said the journalist was being harassed and we were going to far. Now, Wavy news is reusing the footage we tried to stop them from recording to make Clyde look bad. They can care less that he lost his son and all the stuff the Dargans have to deal with, they just are reporting the story. The problem with that is they are only reporting part of the story. They say that Dargan made “previous threats,” but nothing about the maltreatment of the Newport News police towards Clyde. Nothing about them following him around. Nothing about the SWAT that filled several blocks, trashed their house and came with 3 negotiators that we talked about yesterday in Unjust Jail Time for Father of Son Shot by Police. They just made it seem like he was already an angry Black man carrying around and waving a gun. They also leave out the key piece of evidence that the driver took Clyde’s $20 and went and got change. Wavy reports that the driver went straight to the police precinct which was not true.

This is why we need to have our own media outlets and tell the whole truth. This is also why we tried to stop them from recording back on 2/26/16. The media lies by only telling part of the story they know and contribute to racism by making Black men look like criminals. The real criminals in this case are the Newport News police department and Wavy 10 for killing KJ and perpetuating racism. We can fight back by telling the whole story and presenting what’s really going on.


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