#Blacklivesmatter Syllabus

In preparing for the upcoming school year, several professors requested readings for their Black Lives Matter courses. As a result, the local chapter began to compile readings and came across several Black Lives Matter syllabi. One of the most popular ones is http://www.blacklivesmattersyllabus.com/. As we did more research we found several other syllabi that offered fresh perspectives. Here is a collection of additional syllabi and resources that can be good in the classroom and on the streets. We would like this resource to grow; if you are interested in including your syllabus, send it to blmwilliamsburg@gmail.com. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Black Lives Matter: Religion and Justice (RLST 27501-01) by Kayla Wheeler at Ithaca –

Black Lives Matter: Race, Resistance, and Populist Protest by Frank Leon Roberts at New York University – http://www.blacklivesmattersyllabus.com/frankleonrobertsr/

POL 210 A Black Lives Matter: Perspectives on Blackness, State Violence, and Resistance by Prof. Melissa Harris-Perry and Prof. Jaira J. Harrington at Wake Forest –

GEOG 80.03 / AAAS 80.05 10 Weeks, 10 Professors: #BlackLivesMatter @ Dartmouth –

Lists and readers

Black Lives Matter – A Reading List – http://www.left-bank.com/black-lives-matter 

The complete summer reading syllabus on Black Lives Matter –http://qz.com/728658/heres-what-librarians-recommend-reading-on-blm/

A Ferguson Syllabus: Reading a Movement – http://fundersforjustice.org/a-ferguson-syllabus-reading-a-movement/

MSU’s African American Studies Research Guide: Black Lives Matter – http://libguides.lib.msu.edu/c.php?g=95622&p=2325510

Other Collectives

Que(e)ry Librarianshttp://www.queeryparty.org/post/147099403444/blacklivesmatter

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